Beveling Machine Salt Lake City


Imagine you’ve always wanted to have beveled floors installed in your home.

Now, imagine that it has been a couple years after those gorgeous floors that you love (particularly because of their beveled edge) are needing to be refinished. Well, what’s the problem? You can’t sand those floors without removing the bevel. Beside the fact that sanding takes off a layer of wood, thus making those bevels super shallow or non-existent – it is super hard for the seems to match in color to the rest of the floor, due to the dirt and debris that falls into those bevels.


WELL NOT ANYMORE! We are proud to announce that we have the only beveling machine in the Western United States that can re-bevel installed floors! That’s incredible, right? Well it is. It doesn’t matter if they have been beveled before or not, if you want that look, we can now provide that for the look you want, without breaking the bank.