Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Glitsa vs Squeaky vs Basic – Workman Flooring

Above are the top three cleaners for hardwood floor. Don’t be suckered into using either of these (below) Murphy’s Soap or Orange-Glo.

While Squeaky, Bona, & Basic are great cleaners. Products like Orange-Glo and Murphy’s soap are not. They leave waxes and oils on your hardwood floors trapping in dirt as well as making it impossible to re-coat your floor with a simple abrade and coat or clean and coat.

If you made the mistake of putting either Orange-Glo, Murphy’s Soap, or anything else on your wood floor that leaves it hazy or dirty you can remove it with some elbow grease and Basic Coatings-1 Gal. I.F.T. (Intensive Floor Treatment). Just a warning – it’ll be a lot of hard work. The only other alternative is to completely sand down your floor and refinish it.

Back to Bona, Basic, & Glitsa – each works great. We’ve tried them all out and have decided Basic to be the winner. Why? The price. Basic works a little better as far as a cleaner, and it’s cheaper than Glitsa. Bona is the cheapest, but it seems to wear off the fastest.

So there you have it. All three are great cleaners, but we prefer Basic.