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Expert Floor Cleaning Team in Salt Lake CityMaintaining your floor space at home or in any commercial area is a continuous process. The market offers a variety of options to buyers who are looking at a makeover for their floor. There are carpets, solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, vinyl, to name a few.  Once the flooring is installed, the customer has to protect and preserve the flooring from getting stained or damaged. A reputable installer will always brief the homeowners on how to clean and maintain their floors on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Despite taking good care of the floors, over a period of time the surface tends to deteriorate and become dull. Expert floor cleaning service companies are a big boon to restore your drab-looking floors.

Whether your flooring is carpeted or treated with hardwood surface, a routine cleaning is vital. Here are some DIY tips every homeowner finds useful. Generally, floors are vacuumed or swept every day. Prompt removal of spills or stains is essential. Walk off rugs and mats are placed at the entryways to protect the flooring from grit, dirt, and moisture. Rubber-lined rugs are a big no-no. During winter, the humidity levels in the rooms have to be monitored to avoid gaps or cracking. Harsh chemicals and unapproved products will do more harm than good to your flooring. Always use recommended floor cleaning products for long lasting results.

Apart from this routine cleaning and vacuuming, hardwood flooring or carpeted flooring needs to be given a thorough cleaning at least once in every 6 to 12 months. Always get in touch with experts like Workman Flooring who have ample experience in floor cleaning and have handled the kind of floor you want them to service. The floor cleaning service business should offer the best service at reasonable prices. Also make sure they are updated in their service techniques using the best products. Our Workman Flooring team has the best services to offer for any kind of flooring for both residential and commercial buildings.  

Renovating and servicing hardwood flooring needs extra care. Everyday vacuuming and mopping remove the dust partially. The cleaning experts do a rigorous process of power cleaning using high-speed rotary brush and machines to ensure 100% removal of dirt from nooks and crannies.  Then a high-quality wood cleaner is used to clean the surface and is done manually. A squeaky clean floor is given a maintenance coat to give a radiant, glossy finish. The protective coating is quick to dry and very effective. Once this process is complete, the flooring can be used with minimum cleaning for another year around.

Hardwood flooring and carpeted floors enhance the persona of your rooms by giving it that perfect finish, irrespective of the size or d├ęcor of the interiors. When your flooring happens to be the most used space, a periodic refurbishment is important. Rejuvenate and revive your battered flooring by getting professional help from Workman Flooring and enjoy every step you take and every sway you make!