Knowing the Right Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring definitely is a great addition to your home, but they need proper, timely review, care and attention. One can accomplish this by getting the hardwood flooring refinished. After many years floor can become dull and look tired. One can revive this by hardwood floor repair and restoration. So how do we judge the right time to refinish the floors?

Hardwood Flooring in Salt Lake CityExtreme Discoloration

A faded floor will have a significant dull appearance and is rightly indicated to restore the flooring.  Any kind of an uneven surface or light scratches can be refinished or replaced. The small scratches are cleaned and filled in with chemicals that help to restore the luster of the flooring. After the screening a new finish is applied.

Deep Scratches and Gouges

Deep scratches and gouges require more attention and one should opt for full restoration so as to avoid further deterioration. If there are many visible scratches and deep gouges, then it will require more intense work. Minor surface damages can be easily corrected with an application of coating that does not require going to the wood completely.

Gaps and Cupping

Once the hardwood floors are installed, they fit together perfectly. But with constant unavoidable exposure to cold, heat and moisture it can result to gaps and cupping because of expansion and contraction of floorboards. The board loses the moisture and shrinks and thus gaps occur. You may notice the edges of the boards going higher that is when cupping occurs due to wood expansion. If you notice any such changes the floor needs to be refinished to replace the damaged boards or tighten the gaps.

Hardwood Flooring Salt Lake CityPet Damaged

Pay close attention to the floor and look out for scratches if you have pets and children at home. Pets can scratch the floors and this can cause permanent damage. Also, children tend to spill liquids or scratch the wooden flooring which can cause premature damage. Such flooring should be considered to be refinished more frequently as you notice scratches sooner after installation.

Wearing Off the Protective Sealant

When the hardwood flooring is installed there is a protective sealant that is applied so as to protect the surface from any liquids that falls on it. Cracking, warping can occur on the floorboard if the coat wears off and is exposed to water damage. In such cases one needs to replace the entire section of the floor. This can be tested easily at home by pouring some water on the floorboard. If the water slowly soaks into the floor, then the coat has started to wear off.  A dark patch is indicative of an urgent refinishing as soon as possible. If it drops as water beads, then the floor is in good condition.  

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