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How to Choose the Right Colors for Hardwood Flooring?

There are many color options available in the market for hardwood flooring, but one can get confused in making the right choice. A choice of random color can result in an unpleasant result. So it is important that one takes into account not only your personal choice but also different aspects of your existing home. Few simple considerations will help you to get the right color for your hardwood floor.

Style of the room:

It is very important that you should consider what look you would like your room to be. For a person who wants to pep up his studio or for urban condominium, you opt for something that makes it look modern and chic. For such rooms dark color hardwood flooring is the best! Choose from deep and bold colors like shades of red if you want the flooring to be the main element in a wide space. They can add an excellent character to public interiors and offices. For a classic and subtle room you can choose natural unstained wood, walnuts or chestnut stains.

Size of the room:

Hardwood Flooring in Salt Lake CityFor small rooms, and to make them look spacious one can choose light colored floors like grey, white and beige especially with low ceiling heights. However, dark hardwood flooring is best to be used in open and large rooms with high ceiling heights. This will make you feel more intimate. You should think twice before you place dark hardwood flooring in a small room as it can make it look gloomy and dense.

Requirement of maintenance:

Like all wooden flooring, irrespective of the color, whether it is dark and light hardwood floors can get scratches and dents. One has to be really careful. But the maintenance requirement differs for both. Dirt and dust tends to be less visible in light and white colors than dark colors. Also, scuffs are more easily seen in light colors. One should opt for natural matte color flooring if you want to hide scratches, small dents and dust.

Existing furniture’s color scheme:

This is the utmost important factor that should be considered while choosing for hardwood flooring. The décor of your home and the color of the hardwood flooring should complement each other. One should not forget to take into consideration the color scheme of the furniture and cabinets. For example, if you have dark colored cabinetry, then you can install a dark colored oak floor in the room. However, if you wish to choose the similar wood tone, then you can break the monotony of the colors by using rugs of bright colors.

Most of the people get carried away by seeing photos on the website. One can call for samples to know the best options before the hardwood flooring installation. For more support on picking the perfect wood color for the home one can contact workman flooring and get the high quality flooring services at your door step anytime.