Hardwood Floors Repair in Salt Lake City

Hardwood Floors Repair in Salt Lake City

Best Tips on How to Repair Holes and Cracks in Hardwood Floors

Be it an apartment in any best area of the city or any mansion or villa near the beach, cracks and holes can be really costly to fix, annoying, a time consuming process to repair and also not the work you cherish to do.

Any kind of hole in the floor can cause too much air circulation, which can build up the dust, mold and moisture.  These holes can be home for bugs, vermin and pets. Also, for your guests, family and for yourself it can cause a tripping accident.  Since it adds to a task to your to-do list, it can be less stressful.

Easy tricks to fix holes and cracks in floors

If there are any gaps in floors, it can be glued to place by filling it with wood silver. Also, in order to eliminate the gaps you can also relay the floorboard after undoing it. You can also screw them up using clamps to eliminate gaps.

However, If there is any split in the floorboard, then you can simply solve the problem by nailing it towards the center by two nails and then screwing it. The crack will be closed by the pressure of the two nails.

A quick way to fill the cracks and holes fast:

  • Start by checking the irregularities in the floor, clean and dry it.
  • This can be followed by finding a suitable mortar for your style, color and type of floor.
  • Any loose material should be removed.
  • Apply the mortar and then use the adhesive solution to brush the crack.
  • Cement the solution by using adhesive solution and water and then level it by using a trowel.

If you have some open knot holes, traditional wood filler might not be a good choice. Usage of traditional wood filler can make it more prone to cracking and shrinking as it is water based. Any kind of epoxy or wood floor cement which are not water based is best to use and better than ordinary wood filler.

It is important that once you fill the holes you vacuum the void out. Once you have cleaned it thoroughly, in a slapping motion try to trowel the cement into the void. This ensures a good bond as the cement is forced into the grooves and cracks that be can be easily visible from the top.

So if your existing wood floors make you unhappy, you can always proceed to take improve the hardwood with better steps. Allow the experts to sand the scratched pieces or refinish the floor or get it replaced it there are some serious flaws. The solutions are very easy and differ according to the severity of the problem.  Hardwood experts from my accent flooring help you to get rid of the cracks by using products that help to improve the flaws. Improve the overall feel and look by repairing and refinishing the wood floor.