Dark Wood Flooring Installation in Salt Lake City

Dark Wood Flooring Installation in Salt Lake City

Best Ways to Install Dark Wood Flooring

Dark wood flooring has become popular for interior designing. We don’t mention it as a trend as there has been no transition of the style. To be more precise, dark wood flooring has been used since when original pine floors were used where tobacco was soaked in the turpentine and used. Since then, there has been advancement in the field where more environmentally friendly, beautiful and authentic wood floor stains has been introduced.

Natural Dark Wood Flooring

The most common style of natural dark wood flooring is Wenge, American black walnut, domestic woods or some imported wood. However, they are very rare. When it comes to walnut flooring, you can see a wide variety and grades. Grades apply more to furniture, lumber, cabinets as they have very little flooring. So, all the walnut flooring differs according to the need.  The grading process and the quality of the wood will determine the final look of the wood. Walnut has variation in the color and process of steaming is use to bring about the variation in the color ranging from maple to dark chocolate brown.For a better consistency in the appearance it is important to monitor the grading.

In contrast to this imported wood floor can also be naturally dark. The grading standards for them can be equally different. Most of the exotic wood floors are produced in mass and there is variation due to the size that has been harvested. So it is difficult to grade the consistency. How rustic and clear the boards are helping to relate the grading of the exotic wood flooring. Try to opt for more of a natural color with minimal variation in the state of wood as some exotic woods are difficult stain as the grain density does not allow the stain to penetrate.

Staining the Wood Flooring

Depending on how intense the color you want on your flooring you can try the option for staining the floor. Wide plank walnut flooring becomes a little expensive, so staining the wood flooring can be a good way to save the money. Some of the most popular wood floors like ash, hickory, white oak are light in color, so staining them can help to open a lot of options to use them.

If you consider staining the floor, the best option is to go for a prefinished look. This even helps to save the time and makes the installation process quick. Also, the finish is very user friendly and with no sanding and fresh finish.

In conclusion wide floor planks are more versatile and with right flooring partner like workman flooring you can get the right wood floor for the right and perfect look. You can take the opinion of the experts whenever you wish to which is a just a click away.