Clean & Coat Service Park City

Our Clean & Coat service is a great way to maintain your wood floor. It is the fastest and most affordable option that we offer. But here is the thing – your floor has to in good condition for this option to work.

Clean & Coat Service Park City

Here is a picture that illustrates what the cleaning does. 

Contaminants abrade the floor between your feet and the finish. Cleaning your floor will make it last longer and look great. Most floors can be cleaned, but not all floors can be coated afterwards.




Clean & Coat Park City

This second picture illustrates my point. After a floor is cleaned, we can then apply finish. The finish is a barrier, not a solution to deep scratches or gouges.

So then why coat your floor? Regular maintenance with cleaning and coating can make your floor last a lifetime. Most floors that we sand and finish have a life of approximately 7 years. This is so short for the investment that homeowners have made. Make your flooring investment last for the life of your home. Don’ let your finish wear off – it’s what protects the wood.