Cleaning & Coat Contracts Park City

Cleaning & Coat Contracts Park City

Cleaning and coating is the best way to keep your floor looking great and last a lifetime. We have many commercial clients that have wood in their retail, restaurant, or office spaces that see a lot of traffic. And we know that you only have seconds before your potential clients make judgments about your business based on your space.

For this reason we now offer cleaning and coat contracts. The contracts help us offer our services at a discounted rate.



Cleaning & Coat Contracts in Park City***Residential customers, we’re not counting you out either!*** If you want your home to always look great, this is for you too!

What we do is take a look at your space and assess your traffic and flooring – based on this information we’ll put a schedule together that will have your floor cleaned & coated on a regular basis.

We split up the cost of the contract monthly and you are automatically charged on the first business day of the month.